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Permanent Cosmetics on Clients with Tourettes, Peterborough Ontario

Tourettes Syndrom or TS is a neurological or brain-based condition that causes people who have it to make involuntary sounds or movements called "tics"

I met my very first client with Tourettes about two months ago. I opened the door to this stunning young woman. I quickly realized that she may be affected by this "disability" as she calls it. I brought her into the studio and had her fill out the paper work, I was quite nervous to be honest as I had never met anyone who had this.

She informed me that she had Tourettes and my first question was if she was going to be able to sit still during this sort of procedure (brows) She assured me she could keep still when laying down and concentrates on keeping calm. I asked her so many questions, about her family, her life, how she grew up, genetics, etc. I was so curious. She doesnt know this but I teared up atleast 3 times during her treatment. I thought to myself, this woman is likely the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and she has to deal with this forever- her beautiful soul just shines out of her. I could imagine the daily struggle of kids looking at her, peers in school making comments, going to a job interview. Everything would be a little more difficult for her which made me sad to think. For some people with Tourettes putting on makeup or doing their hair would be a challenge as the tics are usually uncontrollable . She really opened my eyes to the disabilty . Im happy she chose me to create permanent brows for her and make her everyday life just a little bit easier. For more info or to donate visit

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