Microblading and/or Micropigmentation. Soft, natural looking 3D Permanent Brows. Our True Passion

All about Brows

We use a few methods to create flawless permanent brows, Microblading, Hybrid, Ombre and Micropigmentation. It is a procedure done with a micro machine or a hand held tool attached to a tiny needle and vegan permanent cosmetic pigments. Every client's pigment used is custom formulated to suit your skin tone, hair and personal choice. 

 Each eyebrow procedure is custom made, no brow we create is the same.

Here is a rundown of the treatment in detail:

When our client arrives, we assess their facial features and measure the dimensions. We figure out a brow shape that best suits her eyes and her facial shape and features. Each service we offer comes with  a FULL consultation before we actually treat you, no need to book one separately unless you want to meet your artist prior to the actual service booking.  Once the client approves the sketched on brow, we come to a decision for colour. This is usually based on her skin and hair colour. We then numb the brow area with micro caine. Our method of brows is known as feather stroke or what I like to call hair stroke with simulated hairs where the brows have a 3D realistic effect to them and are generally undetectable by others. It takes roughly 60-90 minutes to complete treatment from start to finish. Any colour or shape is attainable, as long as it suits your face and will age well with you. 

There is also a more superficial treatment that can be done, which is lighter and will fade away within one year. If you were to love the brows and wanted to make them more permanent, you would come back to reinforce the pigment and allow them to last longer. 

We also offer HENNA brows, for those who wish to take things slowly :) 

Permanent Brows is a TWO STEP process. After your initial treatment, we will see you again for a follow up appointment, 6 weeks later. 

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Important Information

  • Brows will look 20% darker for 2 days

  • It is suggested to not have an event the day of your brow treatment (due to the darker colour and greasy look from the antibiotic ointment)

  • Please do not consume blood thinning medicine or alcohol 24 hours before your treatment as this may thin out our blood and interfere with the treatment

  • Keep the natural hair that is there, unless there are hair outside of the new brows, which you could pluck or wax

  • You will be using an ointment to keep them moist for 7-10 days

  • Any colour or shape is possible (if it suits your features of course)

  • You will return for a touch up 1-3 months after your initial treatment (most women get used to the new brow look and want more of it!)

  • Your appointment will take about an hour from start to finish

  • Little to no pain from using the numbing creams 

  • We do not treat nursing or pregnant women 

  • We like to work with that you have natural, enhancing the shape of your natural brows is very important 

*Important! Please do not consume alcohol or blood thinners and refrain from moisturizer in the brow area for 48 hours prior to your service

Touch ups are required every 1-3 years (on average) thereafter if you wanted to maintain them, if you decided to no longer have the brows they will simply fade away over time. Prices are subject to change without notice.  

All tools used during your procedure are one time use. After your treatment, anything that would have come into contact with you is disposed of. Each sterilized needle is individually packaged and opened once I am ready to treat you. Sanitization and cleanliness are top priorities for the health and wellbeing of clients and technicians. The Health Unit is onsite twice per year to inspect and confirm proper sanitization.