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Is Microblading Right For Me?

We get so many emails and phone calls daily asking about this "new" fad called Microblading. This blog is designed to help clarify just who can be treated, the pros and cons as well some as additional fun and important information!

I absolutely LOVE brows and feel as though they can transform almost any face into a work of art. To me, it is an instant face lift, instant gratification, and instantly fresher, polished look.

Take a look at any gorgeous woman you can think of, I guarantee her brows are on point.

Is Microblading right for you? Here are some key questions to ask yourself;

1. Take a look at your artist's portfolio. Do you love their work? Before and after photos are crucial as well as seeing healed results (do not only go based on fresh after photos) Do you like what you see?

2. Do you wear makeup on your brows now? Do you like the look of having penciled in brows?

3. Do you have any serious medical condition such as diabetes, cancer, lupus? Some illnesses will prevent you from being treated. If you are unsure if your illness will interfere with the treatment, contact your physician for approval. Permanent Makeup artists are not doctors and will require a physician note to treat you if you have a serious illness.

4. Are you a sun goddess? The sun can and will fade the pigment quickly, as well as the potential to turn the pigment into an undesirable colour such as blue. Protecting your new fabulous brows is a must when in the sun!

5. Do you use Rein A? or any glycolic peels? These chemicals will fade the pigment and allow you to lose your brows quickly.

6. At you aware that there will be a period of time when the brows may look undesirable ? After 10-12 months , the brows can have a hint of red, pink, blue or purple depending on your artist and pigment line. This can usually be easily enhanced with a touch up, and will likely fade away within a year if the penetration of the pigment was properly done.

7. Oily skin clients have the tendency to healed slightly different than a dryer skin type. You may experience the strokes blurring out slightly, and the brows not lasting as long as a dryer skin type. (results will vary, we have had extremely successful results with oily skin types as well)

8. If you are bald, have alopecia, trichotillomania, a thyroid condition, please note that these clients make up more than half of our clientele. It is SUPER common and we LOVE helping you regain your confidence and make life a little easier.

9. Are you prepared to have touch ups every 12 months (on average) ? Your artist will need to freshen up your pigment every year to keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

10. Does it hurt? Every office is different, but in our clinic we use a topical anesthetic as well as an anesthetic used on broken skin throughout the treatment. You will feel little to no pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, our clients describe it as a 1 or 2.

11. Why is microblading so expensive? This is a CUSTOM created work of art of your face! Any artist with a reputable reputation will pour her heart and soul into creating the BEST brows for your facial shape, your personality, and your lifestyle. Any custom creation will take time, energy, creativity, soul and passion.

12. What will I look like after the service? Your brows will appear red and swollen for roughly 2-10 hours. The pigment will be slightly darker for about 4 days, every day after that getting lighter as you heal. (they will appear roughly 30% darker the 1st day)

13. Am i too old to have my brows done? Absolutely NOT! We have treated women in their 90s and you know what ? They looked and felt incredible! Taking years off their face, giving them delicate, perfectly applied brows really enhances any woman's face. As long as the skin is healthy and intact, we can treat them !

I hope this helps clarify some of our top questions! If you have any questions, please post them below and I would be happy to help answer them! Thank you for reading!

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