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Permanent Brows

The focus of my design is to create natural looking makeup that looks elegant and feminine. Pigments are custom and chosen specifically for your skin tone and hair colour while complementing and enhancing your natural features so you can look fresher, younger and polished. 

Brows are our true passion! The brows are the most crucial part to anyone's face, especially women, in our opinion! When creating brows for our clients, we figure out the exact dimensions of their face. Then we sketch the best brow shape to suit their eyes and face. We offer the beautiful and undetectable feather stroke or hair stroke simulation for maximum natural looking brows. Brows frame your face, they're the ones that really express our emotions best. The right brow can be an incredible beauty asset, while the wrong ones can spoil the look of an otherwise pretty face. Well shaped brows balance the rest of the face, bringing your best features into focus and downplaying flaws. In fact, changing your brow shape can change the way people perceive you, giving you a more sexy, smart or confident look. Take a good look at the face of every truly gorgeous woman, and you'll notice something amazing- perfect brows! If you use a pencil to define your eyebrows, permanent makeup would certainly rid you of that burden. Keep your eyebrows on during swimming, aerobics, classes and while you sleep. An eyebrow procedure may take on the appearance of simulated hair strokes of colour beneath existing light and sparse hairs. 

If you are unsure about what brow service to book, make an appointment and we can decide together once you arrive.


Microblading Sr. $499 

Microblading Jr. $299

Hybrid Brows Sr. $600

Hybrid Brows Jr. $399

6-8 Week Touch Up $99

1 Year Touch Up $199

2 Year Touch Up $270

3 Year Touch Up $350

6-8 Week Touch Up  $199

Hybrid Touch Up $299

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