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Permanent makeup


Micropigmentation is applied by depositing coloured pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. It is long lasting and allows you to look your best 24/7. 

Imagine perfect brows that frame your face, perfectly applied eyeliner and soft and subtle lip shades. 

Areas are completely numb before the procedure. Permanent makeup allows a person to wake up in the morning with the most of their makeup applied. There are thousands of people wearing permanent makeup that you would never suspect, because properly applied it should look totally natural as though you just don't need to wear makeup. Ideal for thinning brows, the hair stroke blends and look completely natural. Upper and lower eyeliners never need to be touched up, allowing you the freedom to swim and come out of the water looking the way you went in. 

Lip liners and full lip fills are timer savers for that person on a hectic schedule or for the person that just doesn't want to go through the dramatics of applying regular makeup every morning. We can create any colour you desire. Restore lip fullness, youthful colour and enhance your cupid's bow (top middle part of your lips) 

As we get older applying regular makeup can become more difficult with an unsteady hand or diminishing eyesight. 

Cosmetic tattooing is the implantation of a pigment, derived from organic and/or inorganic compounds, into the dermis layer of the skin. Thereby ensuring the long lasting effect of the procedure. Properly implanted by a professional, permanent makeup is just that, permanent. After 10 years or so depending on a persons skin colouring, a touch up to "spruce it up" might be required. 


Thinning hair? No problem. Our Microblading technique creates 3D natural looking hair strokes that blend with your existing hair, recreating the appearance of a fuller, more well balanced brow. 

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