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Gold Earring


Our experienced piercers can help you curate a personalized ear curation. From classic lobe piercings to trendy placements like helix, tragus, conch, industrial, and more, we offer a variety of options to express your unique style.


Beyond the ears, we can also adorn your body with a wide range of piercings. Popular choices include eyebrows, nose (stud, ring, septum), navel, nipples, tongue, and lip (Monroe, labret, vertical labret). We understand these piercings require careful consideration, and our piercers will provide guidance on placement, aftercare, and jewelry selection.


Ear Piercing

Earlobe (Single): $50.00

Earlobe (Double): $70.00

Must be a minimum of 3 years old

Lobe (Transverse): $90.00

Conch (Inner): $70.00

Conch (Orbital): $80.00

Diath: $90.00

Helix: $70.00

Helix (Forward): $80.00

Industrial: $100.00

Rook: $90.00

Snug: $90.00

Tragus: $80.00

Tragus (Anti): $90.00

Body Piercing

Eyebrow: $70.00

Bridge: $100.00

Anti Eyebrow: $90.00

Nose: $70.00

Septum: $90.00

Monroe: $80.00

Dimple: $80.00

Medusa: $80.00

Labret: $90.00

Tongue: $100.00

Nipples $110.00

Belly Button: $100.00

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