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Plant Shadow


Full face and body piercings in a clean and sterile environment. Treated by Elite Piercer, Bonnie. We offer numbing, jewelry and aftercare. 

If you are bringing a child, please pre-numb them at home for a minimum of 30mins prior to your apt. (Unless not advised by your physician). We pierce children as young as 3 years old.


Ear Piercing

Earlobe (Single): $50.00

Earlobe (Double): $70.00

Must be a minimum of 3 years old

Lobe (Transverse): $90.00

Conch (Inner): $70.00

Conch (Orbital): $80.00

Diath: $90.00

Helix: $70.00

Helix (Forward): $80.00

Industrial: $100.00

Rook: $90.00

Snug: $90.00

Tragus: $80.00

Tragus (Anti): $90.00

Body Piercing

Eyebrow: $70.00

Bridge: $100.00

Anti Eyebrow: $90.00

Nose: $70.00

Septum: $90.00

Monroe: $80.00

Dimple: $80.00

Medusa: $80.00

Labret: $90.00

Tongue: $100.00

Nipples $110.00

Belly Button: $100.00

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