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Lash lift is one of the most popular procedures in the beauty and eyelash extension industry. Minkys Lash Lift is perfect for customers who want a seductive and natural look. Minkys Lash Lift is a safe and easy way to lift natural lashes. It offers hydration and does not cause damage to the lashes when performed correctly.


The Minkys Lash Lift kit includes:

  • 15 sachets Lifting Lotion  
  • 15 sachets Setting Lotion 
  • 15 sachets Nourishing Lotion (oil) 
  • 5 pairs of small silicone lifting rods
  • 5 pairs of medium silicone lifting rods
  • 5 pairs of large silicone lifting rods
  • 2 bottle of adhesive

Kit includes enough product for approximately 30 Clients (2 clients per sachet).


Minkys Lash Lift tips:

Step 1: Lifting Lotion processing time 9-13 minutes
Step 2: Setting Lotion processing time 9-11 minutes
Step 3: Nourishing Lotion processing time 2-5 minutes

Minkys Lash Lift Kit

C$130.00 Regular Price
C$117.00Sale Price
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