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If you do not see a class date you can attend, please reach out to us! We can add more dates to accommodate you!  705.868.4825 

Whether it's our microblading, micropigmentation or lash certification programs, we teach with our heart and soul and want to ensure that everyone is taught the proper technique, both for safety and quality. Anyone who takes any of our classes, has an open door policy to call, message at any time. This type of personal relationship is something that sets my classes apart from others. 

Please note that all academy fees are non-refundable



Learn the Art of Semi-Permanent Brows

Become an artist in one of the most sought after services

Microblading (or eyebrow embroidery) is a manual method for permanent brows. It is done using a very small hand held blade connected to a micropen.  The blade is used to deposit pigment into the epidermis. The strokes appear crisp and very fine due to the fact that the colour is closer to the surface (very superficial) The results are a natural looking, hair like strokes, regardless of the amount of natural hair present.  People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from this procedure , as well as people who wish to have a better brow shape.  Touch ups are required every year or so on average to keep brows fresh. 


Microblading (or eyebrow embroidery) is a relatively new, manual method. It is considered to be semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional hairstroke technique. Everyone wants perfect eyebrows 


The results are a natural, flawless, fuller looking brow. This is a very serious treatment,  individuals with an artistic ability as well as an esthetic eye should consider adding this service to their portfolio. 


Revenue per client at the moment is anywhere from $400-$1000 depending on your targeted area.


We teach with our heart and soul and want to ensure that everyone is taught the proper technique, both for safety and quality. Anyone who takes any of our classes, has an open door policy to call, message at any time. This type of personal relationship is something that sets my classes apart from others.





April 9.10.11

May 14.15.16

June 18.19.20

July 13.14.15

Email permanentbeautyacademy@gmail.com to Register and Start an amazing career!

All training will be done by Master Artist, Kalyna Cabral of Permanent Beauty with over 8 years of Permanent Cosmetic Experience & over 10 000 procedures done.  (in Peterborough) 

Cost for 3 + 1 day program $999 KIT & REGISTRATION
(due upon saving your seat) 


$2100  CLASS FEE  (due one week before class date)  


Guaranteed best course on the market. 



About the Class...



What your course entails:

  • proper health and safety (health unit standards)

  • what the proper depth of penetration is most successful

  • colour theory

  • how to create Kalyna's two tone 3D brows

  • proper selection of microblades

  • eyebrow mapping (eyebrow 101)

  • how to ensure long lasting results 

  • live demonstrations

  • colour formulation

  • analysis on colour correction and touch up methods

  • drawing on customized brow shapes for different facial structures 

  • practice on artificial skin 

  • skin conditions that effect treatment

  • needle technique/sizes

  • in-depth student manual

  • on-going mentoring

  • how to treat all skin types

  • demos by the instructor including full brows + touch ups 

Maximum class size of 4 .

2-3 Live Demonstrations by the Instructor, (full brow treatments + touch ups) 1 live model for students to work on for hands on portion on third day.


This is a serious procedure and you need to be 100% informed on all aspects of the procedure before treating people. You will receive a temporary certificate of completion on the third day of class. We ask that students complete 5 models before obtaining their higher achievement certificate. 

Class includes three students manuals, amazing kit with 45 needles, lunches are included daily, and your certificate. All classes come with ongoing mentoring. 

Your Kit Includes...  


  • micro pen

  • 40 needles (various sizes) 

  • 4 pigments

  • numbing cream

  • amazing deluxe kit (cosmetic case) 

  • artificial practice skin

  • measuring tool

  • pigment caps

  • stirring tool

  • magnifying glasses 

  • eyebrow pencil

  • ink caps

  • alcohol wipes

  • practice skin

  • many more goodies! 

  • Truly an amazing, high end kit wit top quality tools to ensure you are only using the BEST! 


Your kit will provide you with enough needles to earn over $12,000 from treating clients when you are ready to do so.



(4 days)

Includes FULL Face Permanent Cosmetics


Brows + Eyeliner + Lips + Skin Camouflage + Beauty Marks


Using the Elite Micropigmentation Machine (comes with your course) , or Nouveau Contour (Nouveau Contour has an additional fee of $3000.00)

Kit & Machine Included!

Day 1: Theory for Permanent Cosmetics + Live Demo by Instructor for Brows + Eyeliner (students practice on fake skin)

Day 2: Theory for Permanent Cosmetics + Live Demo by Instructor for beauty mark, lips and skin camo (student practice on fake skin)

Day 3, Colour Theory, Hands on Student Eyeliner

Day 4, Hands on Student Lips, Class wrap up + certification ceremony

Fee includes your PERMANENT BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL state of the art Micropigmentation Machine valued at $2700.00 alone. 

4 day course to ensure you are ready for success ! 


Class Comes with your Micropigmentation Device, Student Manuals, Product Kit, Certificate and on going mentoring


Please call 

Peterborough Ontario

(deposit of $1000 to save your seat, remainder due closer to class date)  

This program can also be customized, you can join the eyeliner portion, lip blush etc to suit your desired addition to your portfolio



Learn how to create flawless Permanent Brows, including our signature two tone 3D brows. Truly an amazing method to creating works of art with brows . This program will teach your hair stroke technique as well as shadowing+ombre

Instructor: Kalyna Cabral

Permanent Eyeliner + Lips

Learn the art of applying perfect and permanent shades to lips, creating cupid's bows on lips, fullness and lusciousness 

Learn how to apply eyeliner with safety and precision. We will teach you every step to perfecting this amazing treatment 

Instructor: Kalyna Cabral

Eyelash Extension Certification

Become an Elite Lash Artist!

A new and profitable career awaits you!






Lash Artists, visit www.minkys.com to view product line. Email your orders to minkyscanada@gmail.com for Canadian priced items and less on shipping :) 


Permanent Beauty Hands-on workshops are lead by our certified PB Trainers. The Basic Hands-on workshops is a full day comprehensive and cutting edge training program.

PB places an emphasis on maintaining the health, safety and satisfaction of your clients. Our products are of the highest quality and give an extensionist the most eyelash options on the market.

Our goal is to prepare you to become a highly successful Eyelash Extensions Professional. We will not send you out the door after the Hands-On workshop and hope the best. Our Permanent Beauty Trainers will assist you through the whole training process and guide you into the very profitable eyelash extension business.



Basic Hands-On Workshops

Starter Kit 

What will be Covered in the Workshops:

  • Preparation of the Treatment Room

  • How to Safely Apply Individual Lashes

  • How To Safely Remove Individual Lashes

  • Using the Correct Products

  • Health and Safety

  • Design Techniques

  • Aftercare Guidance, Product Line Knowledge 



You will need a model for the second half of the workshop which usually starts at 12pm


You will receive your lash certification once you have completed five models and have met the criteria (before and after pics need to be provided) and then tested in person. 




MINKYS is the NUMBER ONE lash company in the U.S and is now available to Canada!


The Number 1 Shop for Lash Training Workshops & Professional Products in Individual Lash Extensions! We help build successful lash artists with our training workshops and high performance products.

Kalyna is a certified 5 star Master Eyelash Technician with over nine years of lashing experience. She is now wanting to help other women attain financial independence by helping them achieve their very own Eyelash Technician Certification. In this ever growing and popular business, you can work your own hours, build your own clientele, and make a lot of money either working from home, or updating your spa's menu. I will be there every step of the way to ensure your success! Minky's lashes are the best of the best, soft faux mink individual lash extensions, glues with less fumes which adhere amazingly, full product line to ensure your clients are happy and satisfied. Lash extensions are the most lucrative service for the spa industry.

  • Cost for One Day Work Shop $450

  • Kit for Workshop $400 (all the tools you'll need to start your own business)

Register for these upcoming dates!
JUNE 27th   
(additional LASH LIFT course available from 330pm - 730pm on each of these dates for $480
We truly care about your success!
  • Low cost for lash techs (more then half the price of other companies)

  • High Revenue for Lash Techs

  • Up-to-date education for students

  • High quality and luxurious professional products

  • Teachings are instructed by someone who has been in the lash business for over  8 years and wants YOU to succeed in your new business venture

  • On going mentoring & class upgrades

  • Full professional line of Individual lash extensions and retail products

  • Quick and Easy Customer Service for ordering new products

  • No more then 5 students per class

  • Most Importantly, we offer our trainees ongoing mentoring after the class to ensure maximum student confidence!


with the purchase of your kit 


What your kit comes with;

Professional Chair Side LED Light

15 Whitening Kits 

Student Manual

On going mentoring

Best Part is, FREE TRAINING!

Teeth Whitening


Looking to add a service

to your practice? 

Teeth Whitening has become one of the hottest services of 2019.

Earn your investment back with the kits included in your fee!


We kindly require  48 hours notice for any cancellations.

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